Discover & commemorate the achievements of your ancestors in World War 1

Your personal historic booklet

Have you ever wondered what your ancestors did in World War 1? Have their stories of heroism and bravery gone to the grave with them? If the recent centenary commemorations have piqued your interest now could be the perfect time to commission a bespoke research document detailing their war-time achievements.

Personally researched and collated by Debbie Coupland, the finished document features photos (when available), medical card details, service files, pension applications, significant events and telegrams from the War Office.

This is a truly fascinating insight in to the history of your family and makes a unique and thoughtful gift which can be passed on to future generations.

Interested? Please email Debbie at for further details as well as sending your name, the name of your ancestor you would like researched and your phone number.



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